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Crypto Currency Bitcoin & Dogecoin

It seems like only a few months ago when crypto currencies were nothing more than a fleeting term floating around in specialized areas of the web. Now, we’re seeing articles appearing in top tier publications on a daily basis. Everywhere you look there’s a tweet, post or mention of some coin or other – be […]

Business Savvy Negotion Tips for LIfe

Salary. Promotion. Car. First Home. Home Renovations. Even the gym membership in support of your New Years resolution…negotiation affects our lives every day and your ability to execute will largely shape your life.  You need only to observe a young boy for a few minutes to know sitting through dinner does not come naturally. During […]

A Snapshot of Snapchat

Before proven ROI metrics bubble to the surface, arguments around a new social network’s validity for businesses are a dime a dozen. In 2013 alone we’ve seen Pinterest, Instagram and even Vine solidify their case for business use and big brands are jumping on board to test the creative waters. Look no further than at […]


Black Friday and Cyber Monday have grown to one of the most important days for both brick and mortar retailers and those selling their goods online. Bloomberg TV’s Bloomberg West covers tech, innovation, and the future of business with a focus on the tech sector in the West and wanted to profile this year’s trends […]


It’s hard to think that this tradition is in it’s 3rd year, but the Source Metrics ‘family’ outing had it’s 3rd edition last week. Every year the team spends the afternoon doing something fun, followed by a BBQ at our CEO’s spot up in the Gatineau hills just outside of Ottawa. This year we thought […]

instagram socia media strategy

When most people decide to start marketing an application they often focus on what features makes them better than their competition. When your marketing strategy is purely highlighting one’s “secret sauce” or “pixie dust,” marketers often sit back and wait for users to fall in love with their app, and rely on them to spread […]

When I started working at Source Metrics in February of 2012, it had been 4 years since my last  real exposure to the inner workings of anything software-related. My first year course, Intro to Computer Science, landed what would turn out to be the worst mark of my university career. So it was safe to […]

Social Media Sales Prospecting

Learn how to make the one thing, that makes all business happen, your greatest asset For most, staring with a list of names and phone numbers, preparing to cold call, is akin to eating your broccoli, you know it’s good for you, but you hate it. Prospecting is daunting because it immediately strips the veneer, revealing the […]


In order to be a successful marketer, you need to leverage as many channels as possible to connect with a consumer. E-mail is one of the most valuable ways to reach an audience, as whatever content you send out goes straight to their inbox. Within social media, users often migrate from one network to another. […]


With the influx of blogging platforms at our disposal in today’s world, we were initially a little apprehensive about yet another option named Medium – a new self-publishing blogging platform and aggregator by Evan Williams and Biz Stone, two of the men behind Twitter and Blogger. Our curiosity was inevitably piqued after discovering that Williams […]