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Digital Channel Conversion Tracking Google & Facebook

Digital marketing has evolved tremendously in the last few years with various channels including social media, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization and email marketing emerging as some of the strongest and most widely adopted online avenues for generating a decent ROI. All of these channels have improved in their ability to reach specific audiences through […]

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Apps Development

The widespread proliferation of mobile apps in the last 5 years has transformed how many of us interact with technology on a daily basis. The best apps enhance our lives providing quality entertainment, more efficient communication, the ability to turn our lights off at home and… the list goes on. Some apps have made a […]

No Spray & Pray Facebook Ad Buys

With Facebook advertising budgets these days being in the millions for big brands, there’s two missing links I see in advertising effectiveness. 1) Most can’t track a conversion into a brick-and-mortar store, from a digital ad, and those that can don’t seem to do it by channel, just in aggregate. 2) The most common approach […]

Retail Trends: Personalized Shopping Vs. Consumer Privacy

Personal data about consumer spending patterns and habits has always been a prized commodity in the retail world. Knowing what products consumers are interested in, how to proposition them for sale, and how to keep customers coming back into the store is a constant challenge for retailers. Cyber security and emerging ethics around individual privacy […]

Social Media ROI for Facebook Mobile Ads

Retail shopping is changing fast as digital technology transforms the marketing and sales process both online and in-store. Recent developments in mobile and retail tech, provide a lot of data about the shopping patterns and preferences of customers at the store level. This data can be used to enhance the shopping experience, customizing it to […]

Digital Marketing Trends for Customer Loyalty in Retail

As the digital revolution marches on, a vast number of businesses are gleaning the fruits that the cyber wonders of our age are producing. Greater rewards are also attracting greater competition for the attention and loyalty of tech-savvy consumers, especially in the hyper-competitive world of retail. Retailers are campaigning hard for voting consumer dollars; catering […]

Trends in Retail: The Connected Customer

The retail industry is going through an unprecedented amount of change. The way that consumers interact with brands is evolving. Expectations about everything from products to service, even the environment in which they choose to shop have shifted. It is imperative that strategists and retailers alike understand how consumer expectations are evolving and how to […]

Instagram Continues to Grow in 2014

It’s hard to believe that a little over 19 months ago, I was writing about Instagram’s future following a $1 Billion acquisition by Facebook. At the time, the price tag was ridiculed by many and seemed at least a tad shocking to most observers given that no prior investment had exceeded $100 Million. However, back in […]

Omin Channel Point of Purchase

Webrooming, show rooming, omni channel, multi-channel, there seems to be a never ending number of buzzwords being touted around in the retail space. With all of these new terms, it’s clear that the retail sector is in a midst of a major transition. We’ve covered a few recent retail trends on our blog, but it’s […]

How to spot a lead

I’m a product guy. Sometimes I think NOT coming from a formal marketing background is an advantage, when it comes to marketing. It’s very freeing. I get to start with a blank slate and hypothesize about how to accomplish the end goals for the company, without being saddled with some historical doctrine about “the way […]