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Social Media Marketing Strategy

I have recently been listening to the “Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project” podcast and there is this really great ‘episode’ on work ethic. One of the things that stood out to me actually wasn’t necessarily about work ethic, but what it really takes to master the skills required to be successful at your chosen […]


Black Friday and Cyber Monday have grown to one of the most important days for both brick and mortar retailers and those selling their goods online. Bloomberg TV’s Bloomberg West covers tech, innovation, and the future of business with a focus on the tech sector in the West and wanted to profile this year’s trends […]


Mobile coupons aren’t a new phenomenon. Consumers have always been on the hunt to save money, and using mobile can be an effective tool for retailers to encourage consumer spending. This year, more than half of US adult internet users, or 102.5 million people, will redeem a digital coupon with any device for either online […]


Last November we announced the new Source Metrics Marketing platform. Our goal was to fully integrate data from social campaigns across all the functional areas of social marketing in a beautiful and understandable way. Today we’re officially releasing our next step, Source Metrics In-store, a new offering to the Source Metrics suite that allows social […]

Craig Fitzpatrick Source Metrics

This past weekend our VP of products Craig Fitzpatrick shared a little insight on his views on social marketing at a session of Artpreneur. The one day conference was dedicated to helping artists succeed in business and brought together leading creative industry experts and the art community from around Ottawa. Craig’s talk focused on his […]

Case Study Social Media In Store Conversion Social Marketing

Social Media has now become an integral part of integrated marketing strategies. With measurable results at the backbone of many of these marketing plans, being able to track conversions from social has become increasingly important. We’d like to share a case study that outlines St Laurent Shopping Centre’s, one of Canada’s largest malls with over […]


It’s hard to think that this tradition is in it’s 3rd year, but the Source Metrics ‘family’ outing had it’s 3rd edition last week. Every year the team spends the afternoon doing something fun, followed by a BBQ at our CEO’s spot up in the Gatineau hills just outside of Ottawa. This year we thought […]

When I started working at Source Metrics in February of 2012, it had been 4 years since my last  real exposure to the inner workings of anything software-related. My first year course, Intro to Computer Science, landed what would turn out to be the worst mark of my university career. So it was safe to […]

Source Metrics Start Up

It’s very interesting working at a startup. There are a lot of challenges and obstacles involved with working in this kind of environment. It’s certainly not the same as working your standard office job, and without preparation you could definitely end up finding yourself in a world of hurt. A little background about me Before […]

Social Media Marketing Email Superheros

The summer of 2013 is slated to be one of the best ever for superheroes at the box office, with Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and The Wolverine hitting theaters across the globe. While these three blockbusters feature solo crusaders, the sidekick has often played an integral role in superhero lore. From Batman’s Robin […]