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By popular demand we’ve finally added the much touted about Pinterest to SWIX Analytics. With our new pod you’ll be able to track Total Followers, Following and Likes. All you need to do to add is a pod is simply the URL of the account you are trying to capture. Not on Pinterest yet? Check […]

With 10 million plus users and growing, Pinterest has become the social network everyone has been talking about. If your brand has amazing visual content, you have a lot to offer to this community. Some of the most popular brands that have embraced Pinterest include McDonalds, Oprah, Wholefoods, and more are being added all the […]

Klout has been measuring its users’ online influence since 2008 – and now you can turn the tables to measure what Klout has to offer. SWIX Analytics is now tracking your Kscore, Amplification, Network Score, and True Reach. With these new social media metrics on your dashboard, you can monitor the ups and downs in […]

Another pair of metrics have found their way to SWIX Analytics dashboards across the world, and this time it’s all about Foursquare venues. As the owner of a venue, you can now track the total number of ‘Check Ins’ as well as the number of unique individuals who have checked in. Foursquare metrics provide some unique […]


Those of you who use Tumblr to host your blogs will be especially delighted to hear that we have launched a new social media metrics monitoring pod, that will allow you to track your tumblr followers and likes throughout your blog. Tumblr has been know for its spotty uptime, but they have been growing at […]

SWIX Analytics has a new feature which allows you to compare current and past social media data on any of the pods you’re monitoring, often revealing new insights for your social marketing campaigns. Simply click on ‘Show History’ in the sort drop-down menu and a new data set will appear on your graphs comparing the […]

The gears deep within SWIX Analytics are moving faster than ever, and what that means for you is more metrics to monitor social media activity! Today we are happy to introduce the first of a number of new social media metrics that have been atop your wish-list: Yelp “Review” and “Rating” statistics. Yelp has been […]

We’re in the process of reviewing all of the tracking pods and metrics we offer in SWIX Analytics.  We’ve got the following on our wish list: Google+:  Reshares, Plus Ones, Comments Facebook Places:  # of Checkins at a place Tumblr:  # of Followers Facebook Comments:  on Fan Pages LinkedIn:  Number of Members for Groups, # […]

Today, based on a few customer requests, we added a small new capability to our data export feature.  We’ve had the ability to export your tracking data from SWIX Analytics for a while now.  Some of our customers have lots and lots of pods.  There are times when a simple list of all your pods […]

The holidays have hit and SWIX has a present for you! We’re gifting MentionBox, our newest free service that helps you discover mentions of your brand in social media! So what is MentionBox? MentionBox is a real time social search engine that helps social marketers find conversations about their brand online and help them make […]