The new Facebook Fanpage Pod is a little different than tranditional SWIX Pods because to make it work you need to add the Fanpage ID and not a URL.  Since we launched Fanpages, lots of people have gotten in touch with us to find out exactly where they have to go to find their Fanpage ID.  Here is a short tutorial on how to make that work.


First step in getting started with Fan Pages is to log into your Facebook account for the Fan Page you want to Track and go to the Fan Page. On the Fan Page you will see an edit link. Click that link and it will bring you to the edit page.


In the edit view for your fan page, the Page ID can be identified through the URL as seen in the image below. Copy this number, we will paste it into SWIX.


Next log into SWIX , go to the Pod page and click the add Facebook Fanpage button.


Copy and paste the ID into the box on the Pod.


Once you have pressed the save button you are done, you should see a pod like the one below.