There’s no denying it, social media marketing is here to stay. These days, it’s a natural component to any integrated campaign. Most traditional ads end up on YouTube for people to share and many print ads list ways to reach the brands. Examples include listing their Facebook Page URL or Twitter handle. This we all know. This edition of Social Marketing Campaigns of Awesomeness highlights unconventional or new ways that social media is being used in marketing campaigns.

Mercedes You Drive by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Think of a choose your own adventure book, but in ad form. This Mercedes TV spot puts its Twitter followers in the director’s chair of their Your Drive campaign. The ad features a high speed car chase, where the viewer can either tweet #hide or #evade along with the campaign’s #youdrive to control what happens to the characters in the next commercial in the series.

Why it’s Awesome

How many times are you zoned out, playing on your phone or creeping Facebook during a commercial? This Mercedes ad engages you right from your comfy couch to tweet and get involved with an ad versus blocking it out. We like it because Mercedes is clearly trying to reach out to a younger crowd and create a positive and lasting impression for their brand. When was the last time a commercial asked you to do something other than buy? I’d be interested to know about the mass of social media data this campaign generated and if it contributed to the growth of the community, or just increased buzz and awareness for socially savvy watchers?

Entertainment Weekly CW Ad by OMD

This is wild – Entertainment Weekly has put a “first-of-its kind” print insert into their magazine. The insert sort of works like those cheesy greeting cards that have a sensor when you open them, except this one contains a small LCD screen with looping video and the six latest tweets from the @CW_Network. They made 1000 copies to be dished out across hot spots in New York and Los Angeles.

Why it’s Awesome

Hey, lets be serious – not everyone’s on Twitter. This campaign emulates Twitter’s same real-time content to print media in a very cool way. Unexpected and innovative, the CW brings forward a branding campaign that lets industry players know that they are ready to push the limits on what can be done. Not inherently trackable through impressions or display time, but through social media monitoring the CW could track Twitter chatter and community growth. We like it because its disruptive to conventional ads.

Comodo Pinterest Menu by Firstborn

We’ve all done it and man do we ever hate when our Instagram feeds are overtaken by food photos. A genius idea from Comodo restaurant simply piggy packs on this annoying trend and makes it totally acceptable to wip out your iPhone and blind your dinner guests as you snap away taking food photos. They’ve printed an Instagram hashtag on their menu so you can preview the dishes before you devour them.

The Instagram Menu from Raul Mandru on Vimeo.

Why it’s Awesome

First, its so obviously easy to implement that we wish we thought of it ourselves. Menus often feature photos (hello greasy dinners!) or have incorporated the use of iPads, which can run the risk of being too advanced for clients who aren’t savvy with technology. Overall, the concept revolves around technology that your guests already possess and engages them to take pictures as they eat. Not only does it help people make choices on what to order, but it also alerts the patron’s entire Instagram following in real-time about what they’re eating. Smart.

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