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These past few weeks have been a whirlwind here at Source Metrics. We released an entire new offering, in-store conversion tracking and we have more news to share with you. We’re pleased to share our newest feature, a browser plug-in that compliments any social media publishing tool for instant access to conversion tracking metrics. This […]

Craig Fitzpatrick Source Metrics

This past weekend our VP of products Craig Fitzpatrick shared a little insight on his views on social marketing at a session of Artpreneur. The one day conference was dedicated to helping artists succeed in business and brought together leading creative industry experts and the art community from around Ottawa. Craig’s talk focused on his […]


When you’re first assimilated into a social marketing function, whether it’s a large team or small, you’re often thrown right into a bunch of “activities.” We do content marketing, we make collateral, we run social ad campaigns and social media campaigns. We run contests via Pinterest, Instagram and other social platforms. We’re desperately trying to […]

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A business that launches a campaign without a clearly defined objective is akin to troops being led into battle without a strategy: it’s a recipe for disaster. Though concocting the creative content of your campaign might be the most interesting process for you (no one is disputing its effectiveness and importance!), it can’t take care […]


If you’re a marketer that is tracking the success of your social media campaigns, you already know what a nightmare attribution can be. Attribution is the act of figuring out which campaign drove which type of traffic to your landing page or microsite. In other words, it’s your way of knowing which social marketing strategies […]