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Whether it’s a water-cooler chat or a pitch to potential clients, conversations about important social media metrics often circle around the same key points. For Facebook, it’s fans, likes and wall posts. Twitter has followers, retweets, favorites, and mentions. Google Analytics shows unique visitors, time on site, and bounce rate. YouTube gives views, likes, and […]


With zillions of mentions, comments and posts flying by your desk (and Facebook company page) everyday, it’s hard to know which ones to respond to and exactly how to go about it. Finding the perfect time to chime in without sounding overbearing or like you’re pushing sales is challenging. Ultimately, sometimes you can’t answer everything. […]

As of last Friday, all Facebook Pages are no more. Facebook has transformed all fan and company pages into timeline, a feature with strong branding implications, requiring various changes to managing your page… and it has caused quite a stir. Facebook is like Madonna – always reinventing itself – but there’s no need to panic, […]