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If you’re a marketer that is tracking the success of your social media campaigns, you already know what a nightmare attribution can be. Attribution is the act of figuring out which campaign drove which type of traffic to your landing page or microsite. In other words, it’s your way of knowing which social marketing strategies […]


With any social media platform, proper “Internetiquette” has to be exercised in order to maintain an engaging environment for all to enjoy. There will always be users that disregard the unspoken rules entirely, marring the experience for others. We’ve all seen flame wars on Facebook and Twitter, yet Pinterest is no exception. Though harder to […]

By far the most requested feature on SWIX for a long time has been the ability to track Facebook Fan Pages. Today, we are proud to announce that we now support this feature. Woohoo! Launching Fan Page support has been something that has been plaguing us for sometime, we knew it was a feature you […]