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Case Study Social Media In Store Conversion Social Marketing

Social Media has now become an integral part of integrated marketing strategies. With measurable results at the backbone of many of these marketing plans, being able to track conversions from social has become increasingly important. We’d like to share a case study that outlines St Laurent Shopping Centre’s, one of Canada’s largest malls with over […]


The way that marketers measure social media has evolved since it first became part of integrated marketing strategies. Social media strategists are always learning about new methods, models and applications that help make sense of the impact of social media marketing. In the beginning, it was enough to just be present on different social media […]


There’s no denying it, social media marketing is here to stay. These days, it’s a natural component to any integrated campaign. Most traditional ads end up on YouTube for people to share and many print ads list ways to reach the brands. Examples include listing their Facebook Page URL or Twitter handle. This we all know. This […]