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A business that launches a campaign without a clearly defined objective is akin to troops being led into battle without a strategy: it’s a recipe for disaster. Though concocting the creative content of your campaign might be the most interesting process for you (no one is disputing its effectiveness and importance!), it can’t take care […]


Social media has become extremely popular, making it less of an option and more of a necessity if you have a business or brand. It’s become more important than ever that you maximize the possibilities of social media platforms so that you develop a greater web presence. Social media are tools of constant communication which […]

The gears deep within SWIX Analytics are moving faster than ever, and what that means for you is more metrics to monitor social media activity! Today we are happy to introduce the first of a number of new social media metrics that have been atop your wish-list: Yelp “Review” and “Rating” statistics. Yelp has been […]