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Crypto Currency Bitcoin & Dogecoin

It seems like only a few months ago when crypto currencies were nothing more than a fleeting term floating around in specialized areas of the web. Now, we’re seeing articles appearing in top tier publications on a daily basis. Everywhere you look there’s a tweet, post or mention of some coin or other – be […]

Sales Channel ROI Source Metrics

Measuring ROI is a Huge Challenge Across the Board! The landscape of sales and marketing is rapidly changing as our internet world develops and unfolds. Working various online sales and marketing gigs for the past decade, I’ve watched as various digital marketing channels increasingly and intensely compete for consumer attention, challenging us marketers to stay […]

Social Media Marketing Email Superheros

The summer of 2013 is slated to be one of the best ever for superheroes at the box office, with Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and The Wolverine hitting theaters across the globe. While these three blockbusters feature solo crusaders, the sidekick has often played an integral role in superhero lore. From Batman’s Robin […]


Whether an elementary school, high school or university has a computer, you can be sure that its students are using it, filling their various social media pages with personal content.  Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and beyond have not only invaded our personal and business lives, but the academic world as well. While […]


Back in October, I wrote about using social media platforms for lead generation. After discussing how individuals and businesses are sharing more info than ever before, I outlined that it was key for sales people to actively listen. I wanted to elaborate more on this specific point in a blog post but realized that an […]


We’ve already blogged about our love for Airbnb and how it allows users to travel affordably while simultaneously having hosts rent out their properties. Our new fixation, canine hosting site DogVacay.com, relies on a similar business model and ingeniously pairs owners looking for dog babysitters with anyone who’s got a soft spot for animals and […]


Social media ROI isn’t a new subject, yet why does it take so long for some brands to realize that they should’ve been tracking their online marketing efforts from the very beginning? Isn’t all marketing, whatever the medium, supposed to be measured and evaluated? We’ve realized that most brands who’ve delved into social media marketing go […]


Social media has become a forum for debate and discussion, laying the groundwork for any kind of comments to be written. If you own a business or author a blog, realize that people will always talk about you. You need to come to terms with the fact that for as many positive comments written there are probably […]


Once-synonymous with photo sharing on the web, the trials and tribulations of Flickr have been covered with much fanfare. From Thomas Hawk’s proclamation that Flickr is Dead to Gizmodo’s take on How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet, former evangelists of the site have abandoned ship while others contend that the site is still going strong. Some […]


Driving social media success comes down to one factor: CONTENT! Anyone can set up a Facebook Page or Twitter account, but that doesn’t guarantee online community growth, engagement or sales. Think of social platforms as sales channels. They help push out content that helps foster authentic conversations in your online communities. They just don’t look like […]