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Part 1: What’s rolling around my brain at the moment I’ve been an avid blog reader for years. Over time, I’ve carefully cultivated and selected only the most interesting content to me, on a few topics that are near and dear to my heart: Design Psychology Technology I collected about 100 blogs in my daily […]

Barbour Social Media Marketing

It might be patio weather, but brands worldwide have dreamed up some serious social media marketing campaigns to leverage the sunny season. We’ve combed the web and made a list of three social marketing campaigns that celebrate summer. Barbour 100 Days Of Summer Retail brand Barbour released five different hashtags to celebrate the season and […]

Source Metrics Apple VS Amazon

For all intent and purposes, Apple and Amazon are competitors for your wallet. They compete in several of the same markets such as tablets, music, and now even books. Their marketing strategies are vastly different, and that contrast is also starkly apparent in their profitabilities. Amazon Amazon has made it perfectly clear according to CEO Jeff Bezos […]

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Set A Goal Before creating your social media marketing campaign, you have to define which outcome you’re trying to achieve. Social media campaigns often seek to generate leads, create content or result in increased brand awareness. Regardless of your goals, it’s important that you make them measurable. That way when all is said and done, […]


Social media ROI isn’t a new subject, yet why does it take so long for some brands to realize that they should’ve been tracking their online marketing efforts from the very beginning? Isn’t all marketing, whatever the medium, supposed to be measured and evaluated? We’ve realized that most brands who’ve delved into social media marketing go […]


How does being a great host or hostess relate to social media management? Social marketers building communities, promoting contests and inviting influential bloggers and stakeholders to read, attend and try something they’re working on is not unlike putting together an unforgettable event. If you can throw an epic party, you’ve already got the skills to […]


There’s no denying it, social media marketing is here to stay. These days, it’s a natural component to any integrated campaign. Most traditional ads end up on YouTube for people to share and many print ads list ways to reach the brands. Examples include listing their Facebook Page URL or Twitter handle. This we all know. This […]


Social networks are now being leveraged as invaluable sales channels to marketers and public relations technicians, and hopefully your business is in on all the newfound action. It’s an exercise that consists of equal parts blind-leading-the-blind and trained tacticians wielding their craft. To put it clearly, there are a bunch of great salespeople taking unproven […]

Another pair of metrics have found their way to SWIX Analytics dashboards across the world, and this time it’s all about Foursquare venues. As the owner of a venue, you can now track the total number of ‘Check Ins’ as well as the number of unique individuals who have checked in. Foursquare metrics provide some unique […]

As a past research officer of the National Research Council of Canada and in my current role as a social media analyst at SWIX, I work with numbers on a regular basis. Whether it’s materials research for the aerospace sector, or the latest social media statistics on impressions generated from a Twitter account, empirically understanding […]