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Graph Search Facebook Logo

This past Monday Facebook announced improvements to their recently launched Graph Search. The platform now allows for posts and status updates to be  part of Graph Search results. Users will now be able to search content like “…updates, photo captions, checkins and comments” to find things that are shared with the user or brand. When […]

Facebook Source Metrics

This August, Facebook was at it again, fiddling with their news feed so social marketers like us have to change their strategies at a moment’s notice. It’s hard to be an “expert” when the technology changes every few months – but that is what is so exciting about being in this industry. Brands now need […]

diagram of a single stream feed reader

Part 1: What’s rolling around my brain at the moment I’ve been an avid blog reader for years. Over time, I’ve carefully cultivated and selected only the most interesting content to me, on a few topics that are near and dear to my heart: Design Psychology Technology I collected about 100 blogs in my daily […]

Source Metrics Apple VS Amazon

For all intent and purposes, Apple and Amazon are competitors for your wallet. They compete in several of the same markets such as tablets, music, and now even books. Their marketing strategies are vastly different, and that contrast is also starkly apparent in their profitabilities. Amazon Amazon has made it perfectly clear according to CEO Jeff Bezos […]

Social Media Marketing Email Superheros

The summer of 2013 is slated to be one of the best ever for superheroes at the box office, with Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and The Wolverine hitting theaters across the globe. While these three blockbusters feature solo crusaders, the sidekick has often played an integral role in superhero lore. From Batman’s Robin […]


How does being a great host or hostess relate to social media management? Social marketers building communities, promoting contests and inviting influential bloggers and stakeholders to read, attend and try something they’re working on is not unlike putting together an unforgettable event. If you can throw an epic party, you’ve already got the skills to […]