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Facebook Mobile Ads Win Retail Mobile Social

Have you ever thought about how much time you actually spend on social media apps on your phone? How often you check Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Beyond seeing what you’re friends are up to, these platforms have transformed into tools that we use everyday to make decisions about everything from where to eat, what to […]


Last November we announced the new Source Metrics Marketing platform. Our goal was to fully integrate data from social campaigns across all the functional areas of social marketing in a beautiful and understandable way. Today we’re officially releasing our next step, Source Metrics In-store, a new offering to the Source Metrics suite that allows social […]


When you’re first assimilated into a social marketing function, whether it’s a large team or small, you’re often thrown right into a bunch of “activities.” We do content marketing, we make collateral, we run social ad campaigns and social media campaigns. We run contests via Pinterest, Instagram and other social platforms. We’re desperately trying to […]


Back in October, I wrote about using social media platforms for lead generation. After discussing how individuals and businesses are sharing more info than ever before, I outlined that it was key for sales people to actively listen. I wanted to elaborate more on this specific point in a blog post but realized that an […]


There’s no denying it, social media marketing is here to stay. These days, it’s a natural component to any integrated campaign. Most traditional ads end up on YouTube for people to share and many print ads list ways to reach the brands. Examples include listing their Facebook Page URL or Twitter handle. This we all know. This […]

Jeremy Lin Social Media

It’s official: social media and sports are an item. From ice hockey to the Olympic Games, social media is playing a huge role in the sporting world. Networks and newspapers are showcasing social media experts, athletes are testing the waters, while policies monitoring their actions are popping up daily and fans are feeling closer to […]

Who doesn’t like a good social media campaign? Here are are few campaigns that ran this January and that we loved. VW: Fan the Flame This past month at the Brussels Auto Show, VW set the fire under its Facebook Fans to bring attention to their MINI Countryman. Outside the show, they set up a […]

Right before the holiday season we launched our newest free service: Mentionbox, a social search engine. We decided to run a Twitter contest in order to spread the word about it, and created a landing page to promote our contest. It was an excellent way to take our second product, Campaign Manager for a spin. […]