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Retail Innovation Research

It’s clear that brick and mortar retail is having a sort of renaissance. This year several marketing outlooks for 2014 have included the disruption of “traditional retail” as one of their main predictions for the year. Retailers seemed have embraced the value of data and analytics as key facilitators for their ongoing success. At Source […]

Graph Search Facebook Logo

This past Monday Facebook announced improvements to their recently launched Graph Search. The platform now allows for posts and status updates to be  part of Graph Search results. Users will now be able to search content like “…updates, photo captions, checkins and comments” to find things that are shared with the user or brand. When […]


So, what exactly is big data? How is it unlike ordinary data? The answer is all in the name – it’s really, really big. In the Mad Men days, an advertiser could send out nationwide surveys, scrutinize TV ratings, or cram a focus group full of 35-45 year-old moms with a preference for chocolate ice […]

SWIX Analytics has a new feature which allows you to compare current and past social media data on any of the pods you’re monitoring, often revealing new insights for your social marketing campaigns. Simply click on ‘Show History’ in the sort drop-down menu and a new data set will appear on your graphs comparing the […]

When it comes to analytically gauging the success of a social media marketing strategy, an important point I can never stress enough is data consistency and integrity. In part two of the this series I’ll quickly skim through why collecting stats using the same method is extremely beneficial to analytics. When people start combining stats […]

As a past research officer of the National Research Council of Canada and in my current role as a social media analyst at SWIX, I work with numbers on a regular basis. Whether it’s materials research for the aerospace sector, or the latest social media statistics on impressions generated from a Twitter account, empirically understanding […]