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Digital Marketing Trends for Customer Loyalty in Retail

As the digital revolution marches on, a vast number of businesses are gleaning the fruits that the cyber wonders of our age are producing. Greater rewards are also attracting greater competition for the attention and loyalty of tech-savvy consumers, especially in the hyper-competitive world of retail. Retailers are campaigning hard for voting consumer dollars; catering […]

instagram socia media strategy

When most people decide to start marketing an application they often focus on what features makes them better than their competition. When your marketing strategy is purely highlighting one’s “secret sauce” or “pixie dust,” marketers often sit back and wait for users to fall in love with their app, and rely on them to spread […]

Barbour Social Media Marketing

It might be patio weather, but brands worldwide have dreamed up some serious social media marketing campaigns to leverage the sunny season. We’ve combed the web and made a list of three social marketing campaigns that celebrate summer. Barbour 100 Days Of Summer Retail brand Barbour released five different hashtags to celebrate the season and […]

Social Media Content Creation

This blog post, marks the beginning of a five blog post series on the process of creating, designing and deploying a trackable social media marketing campaign.  At Source Metrics we’ve been implementing and tracking content marketing campaigns in social media for nearly fives years. After all this time, I am still surprised to find many […]

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Set A Goal Before creating your social media marketing campaign, you have to define which outcome you’re trying to achieve. Social media campaigns often seek to generate leads, create content or result in increased brand awareness. Regardless of your goals, it’s important that you make them measurable. That way when all is said and done, […]


Social media ROI isn’t a new subject, yet why does it take so long for some brands to realize that they should’ve been tracking their online marketing efforts from the very beginning? Isn’t all marketing, whatever the medium, supposed to be measured and evaluated? We’ve realized that most brands who’ve delved into social media marketing go […]


As someone who uses Instagram and Pinterest on an almost daily basis, I’m well aware of the benefits they can have on brands. I really get a kick from peeking into the “behind the scenes” photos taken by my favourite celebrities and bloggers, as well as the inspiration from the design brands who use Pinterest […]

Jeremy Lin Social Media

It’s official: social media and sports are an item. From ice hockey to the Olympic Games, social media is playing a huge role in the sporting world. Networks and newspapers are showcasing social media experts, athletes are testing the waters, while policies monitoring their actions are popping up daily and fans are feeling closer to […]


Online businesses are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to efficiently promote their products. Recently, the newest method has been through various types of social media marketing campaigns. You’ve undoubtedly seen the ads that seem oddly in tune with your interests (you can thank the big data analysts for those – it’s no secret […]

A bit of controversy can draw a lot of attention on the internet, and Social Media ROI is no exception. On one side of the debate, there are those who promote social media marketing but question the pursuit of social media ROI. Oftentimes, their arguments are related to a) the difficulty of determining subjective outcomes […]