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Social Media Marketing Strategy

I have recently been listening to the “Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project” podcast and there is this really great ‘episode’ on work ethic. One of the things that stood out to me actually wasn’t necessarily about work ethic, but what it really takes to master the skills required to be successful at your chosen […]

Connecting the Social Media Marketing Dots

One of the hardest things to do in marketing is connecting the dots – creating a path for people to follow, from first exposure, to walking through the checkout. After all, it’s what marketing is all about. If people just ran to buy your product without any exposure or prodding, we wouldn’t need marketing, would […]

Case Study Social Media In Store Conversion Social Marketing

Social Media has now become an integral part of integrated marketing strategies. With measurable results at the backbone of many of these marketing plans, being able to track conversions from social has become increasingly important. We’d like to share a case study that outlines St Laurent Shopping Centre’s, one of Canada’s largest malls with over […]

instagram socia media strategy

When most people decide to start marketing an application they often focus on what features makes them better than their competition. When your marketing strategy is purely highlighting one’s “secret sauce” or “pixie dust,” marketers often sit back and wait for users to fall in love with their app, and rely on them to spread […]

Facebook Source Metrics

This August, Facebook was at it again, fiddling with their news feed so social marketers like us have to change their strategies at a moment’s notice. It’s hard to be an “expert” when the technology changes every few months – but that is what is so exciting about being in this industry. Brands now need […]

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Part 1: What’s rolling around my brain at the moment I’ve been an avid blog reader for years. Over time, I’ve carefully cultivated and selected only the most interesting content to me, on a few topics that are near and dear to my heart: Design Psychology Technology I collected about 100 blogs in my daily […]

Social Media Marketing Brainstorm

On an average day here at Source Metrics, I’m almost always helping clients generate ideas to create measurable social media marketing strategies. I have a chance to work with a range of different brands and products, all of which need a fresh perspective on social marketing. What I like to do with clients is go […]

Social Media Content Creation

This blog post, marks the beginning of a five blog post series on the process of creating, designing and deploying a trackable social media marketing campaign.  At Source Metrics we’ve been implementing and tracking content marketing campaigns in social media for nearly fives years. After all this time, I am still surprised to find many […]


As we predicted, user-generated video content has taken off in a big way in the New Year. January 25th marked the launch of Vine, a six second long video sharing service by social media giant Twitter. In the few short weeks since it’s inception, the app already has hundreds of thousands of users creating innovative […]


When I first started blogging for Source Metrics, I had no idea what SEO meant and why it was an integral part of publishing content online. What were blog categories? How did tags work? Why were keywords important? Did image titles matter? What was I supposed to be doing with the empty boxes at the […]