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Mobile coupons aren’t a new phenomenon. Consumers have always been on the hunt to save money, and using mobile can be an effective tool for retailers to encourage consumer spending. This year, more than half of US adult internet users, or 102.5 million people, will redeem a digital coupon with any device for either online […]


Last November we announced the new Source Metrics Marketing platform. Our goal was to fully integrate data from social campaigns across all the functional areas of social marketing in a beautiful and understandable way. Today we’re officially releasing our next step, Source Metrics In-store, a new offering to the Source Metrics suite that allows social […]


When you’re first assimilated into a social marketing function, whether it’s a large team or small, you’re often thrown right into a bunch of “activities.” We do content marketing, we make collateral, we run social ad campaigns and social media campaigns. We run contests via Pinterest, Instagram and other social platforms. We’re desperately trying to […]

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Source Metrics has been writing some juicy white papers! To get in on the action, head over to our main website under the library tab and fill out the individual forms to gain access to the white paper you’re interested in. 1. The Evolution Of Social Media From Monitoring To Marketing Optimization Get it here. 2. […]


Whether it’s a water-cooler chat or a pitch to potential clients, conversations about important social media metrics often circle around the same key points. For Facebook, it’s fans, likes and wall posts. Twitter has followers, retweets, favorites, and mentions. Google Analytics shows unique visitors, time on site, and bounce rate. YouTube gives views, likes, and […]

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A business that launches a campaign without a clearly defined objective is akin to troops being led into battle without a strategy: it’s a recipe for disaster. Though concocting the creative content of your campaign might be the most interesting process for you (no one is disputing its effectiveness and importance!), it can’t take care […]

Klout has been measuring its users’ online influence since 2008 – and now you can turn the tables to measure what Klout has to offer. SWIX Analytics is now tracking your Kscore, Amplification, Network Score, and True Reach. With these new social media metrics on your dashboard, you can monitor the ups and downs in […]


Those of you who use Tumblr to host your blogs will be especially delighted to hear that we have launched a new social media metrics monitoring pod, that will allow you to track your tumblr followers and likes throughout your blog. Tumblr has been know for its spotty uptime, but they have been growing at […]

The gears deep within SWIX Analytics are moving faster than ever, and what that means for you is more metrics to monitor social media activity! Today we are happy to introduce the first of a number of new social media metrics that have been atop your wish-list: Yelp “Review” and “Rating” statistics. Yelp has been […]

Right before the holiday season we launched our newest free service: Mentionbox, a social search engine. We decided to run a Twitter contest in order to spread the word about it, and created a landing page to promote our contest. It was an excellent way to take our second product, Campaign Manager for a spin. […]