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Whether it’s a water-cooler chat or a pitch to potential clients, conversations about important social media metrics often circle around the same key points. For Facebook, it’s fans, likes and wall posts. Twitter has followers, retweets, favorites, and mentions. Google Analytics shows unique visitors, time on site, and bounce rate. YouTube gives views, likes, and […]


Back in October, I wrote about using social media platforms for lead generation. After discussing how individuals and businesses are sharing more info than ever before, I outlined that it was key for sales people to actively listen. I wanted to elaborate more on this specific point in a blog post but realized that an […]

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It’s official: social media and sports are an item. From ice hockey to the Olympic Games, social media is playing a huge role in the sporting world. Networks and newspapers are showcasing social media experts, athletes are testing the waters, while policies monitoring their actions are popping up daily and fans are feeling closer to […]


Social media has become extremely popular, making it less of an option and more of a necessity if you have a business or brand. It’s become more important than ever that you maximize the possibilities of social media platforms so that you develop a greater web presence. Social media are tools of constant communication which […]