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Digital Channel Conversion Tracking Google & Facebook

Digital marketing has evolved tremendously in the last few years with various channels including social media, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization and email marketing emerging as some of the strongest and most widely adopted online avenues for generating a decent ROI. All of these channels have improved in their ability to reach specific audiences through […]

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There’s little doubt that online advertising is now a major economic force. Last year the online ad industry generated $117 billion in revenue with over $50 billion of that by Google alone. Facebook came in a distant second with just under $7 billion in ad revenue, the majority of which was driven in by mobile […]

No Spray & Pray Facebook Ad Buys

With Facebook advertising budgets these days being in the millions for big brands, there’s two missing links I see in advertising effectiveness. 1) Most can’t track a conversion into a brick-and-mortar store, from a digital ad, and those that can don’t seem to do it by channel, just in aggregate. 2) The most common approach […]

Social Media ROI for Facebook Mobile Ads

Retail shopping is changing fast as digital technology transforms the marketing and sales process both online and in-store. Recent developments in mobile and retail tech, provide a lot of data about the shopping patterns and preferences of customers at the store level. This data can be used to enhance the shopping experience, customizing it to […]

How to spot a lead

I’m a product guy. Sometimes I think NOT coming from a formal marketing background is an advantage, when it comes to marketing. It’s very freeing. I get to start with a blank slate and hypothesize about how to accomplish the end goals for the company, without being saddled with some historical doctrine about “the way […]

Mobile Marketing Strategies and Trends for Social Media ROI

Mobile communications and devices are becoming an important part of retail marketing. The ubiquity and expansion of mobile devices and the power of the platform’s feature set provides a vast potential for marketing measurement. Don’t believe us? We’ve unearthed some of the most extraordinary stats we could get our hands on about mobile tech and […]

A Snapshot of Snapchat

Before proven ROI metrics bubble to the surface, arguments around a new social network’s validity for businesses are a dime a dozen. In 2013 alone we’ve seen Pinterest, Instagram and even Vine solidify their case for business use and big brands are jumping on board to test the creative waters. Look no further than at […]


Last November we announced the new Source Metrics Marketing platform. Our goal was to fully integrate data from social campaigns across all the functional areas of social marketing in a beautiful and understandable way. Today we’re officially releasing our next step, Source Metrics In-store, a new offering to the Source Metrics suite that allows social […]

Sales Channel ROI Source Metrics

Measuring ROI is a Huge Challenge Across the Board! The landscape of sales and marketing is rapidly changing as our internet world develops and unfolds. Working various online sales and marketing gigs for the past decade, I’ve watched as various digital marketing channels increasingly and intensely compete for consumer attention, challenging us marketers to stay […]

instagram ecommerce

How can one really know the value of an Instagram community? What some social marketers consider “the next big thing” for brands, is barely measurable. As Instagram starts to become an important piece of an integrated digital strategy for big brands, I’m left left scratching my head wondering if the platform can create value beyond […]