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Social Media Marketing Brainstorm

On an average day here at Source Metrics, I’m almost always helping clients generate ideas to create measurable social media marketing strategies. I have a chance to work with a range of different brands and products, all of which need a fresh perspective on social marketing. What I like to do with clients is go […]


When you’re first assimilated into a social marketing function, whether it’s a large team or small, you’re often thrown right into a bunch of “activities.” We do content marketing, we make collateral, we run social ad campaigns and social media campaigns. We run contests via Pinterest, Instagram and other social platforms. We’re desperately trying to […]


The way in which musicians promote their music has changed radically over the last few years. Musicians are seeing the value in taking more control over their image rather than letting a second party like their record label do it for them. The personal nature that social media offers provides a sense of closeness to […]


With the influx of blogging platforms at our disposal in today’s world, we were initially a little apprehensive about yet another option named Medium – a new self-publishing blogging platform and aggregator by Evan Williams and Biz Stone, two of the men behind Twitter and Blogger. Our curiosity was inevitably piqued after discovering that Williams […]


As someone who uses Instagram and Pinterest on an almost daily basis, I’m well aware of the benefits they can have on brands. I really get a kick from peeking into the “behind the scenes” photos taken by my favourite celebrities and bloggers, as well as the inspiration from the design brands who use Pinterest […]


Social networks are now being leveraged as invaluable sales channels to marketers and public relations technicians, and hopefully your business is in on all the newfound action. It’s an exercise that consists of equal parts blind-leading-the-blind and trained tacticians wielding their craft. To put it clearly, there are a bunch of great salespeople taking unproven […]


With zillions of mentions, comments and posts flying by your desk (and Facebook company page) everyday, it’s hard to know which ones to respond to and exactly how to go about it. Finding the perfect time to chime in without sounding overbearing or like you’re pushing sales is challenging. Ultimately, sometimes you can’t answer everything. […]


Once-synonymous with photo sharing on the web, the trials and tribulations of Flickr have been covered with much fanfare. From Thomas Hawk’s proclamation that Flickr is Dead to Gizmodo’s take on How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet, former evangelists of the site have abandoned ship while others contend that the site is still going strong. Some […]