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It’s hard to think that this tradition is in it’s 3rd year, but the Source Metrics ‘family’ outing had it’s 3rd edition last week. Every year the team spends the afternoon doing something fun, followed by a BBQ at our CEO’s spot up in the Gatineau hills just outside of Ottawa. This year we thought […]

Source Metrics Start Up

It’s very interesting working at a startup. There are a lot of challenges and obstacles involved with working in this kind of environment. It’s certainly not the same as working your standard office job, and without preparation you could definitely end up finding yourself in a world of hurt. A little background about me Before […]

Social Media Marketing Email Superheros

The summer of 2013 is slated to be one of the best ever for superheroes at the box office, with Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and The Wolverine hitting theaters across the globe. While these three blockbusters feature solo crusaders, the sidekick has often played an integral role in superhero lore. From Batman’s Robin […]


Social media has become extremely popular, making it less of an option and more of a necessity if you have a business or brand. It’s become more important than ever that you maximize the possibilities of social media platforms so that you develop a greater web presence. Social media are tools of constant communication which […]

Another pair of metrics have found their way to SWIX Analytics dashboards across the world, and this time it’s all about Foursquare venues. As the owner of a venue, you can now track the total number of ‘Check Ins’ as well as the number of unique individuals who have checked in. Foursquare metrics provide some unique […]