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Engage Your Audience Online

Would you rather reach 1 million people once or 10,000 people 10 times? The clever ones among you would quickly do the math and see that reaching a million people once is likely way better than contacting the same 10,000 people 10 times. That clearly would have been the wiser choice if it were 2008 […]


With the influx of blogging platforms at our disposal in today’s world, we were initially a little apprehensive about yet another option named Medium – a new self-publishing blogging platform and aggregator by Evan Williams and Biz Stone, two of the men behind Twitter and Blogger. Our curiosity was inevitably piqued after discovering that Williams […]


There’s no denying it, social media marketing is here to stay. These days, it’s a natural component to any integrated campaign. Most traditional ads end up on YouTube for people to share and many print ads list ways to reach the brands. Examples include listing their Facebook Page URL or Twitter handle. This we all know. This […]